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Your mission
Our Mission

Qblox is a deep tech scaleup whose mission it is to accelerate our customers in the worldwide race towards building scalable quantum computers by providing them with the world's best quantum control stacks.

Qblox develops control stacks that combine unrivaled noise and drift performance, a low-latency arbitrary control flow and scalability up to 1000s of qubits. The control stack generates the analog pulses (DC to 18 GHz) needed for the control and readout of qubits. These analog signals are generated from 1000s of parallel channels and driven by our proprietary sequence processor technology. Our products are used by R&D teams globally to accelerate the development of operational quantum computers and quantum networks. The technology we are developing is compatible with a broad range of qubit technologies (superconducting, spin, NV-centres, cold atoms).

To control so many qubits, we developed a modular system that can be synchronized. This system is packed with high-end FPGAss that are synchronized with nanosecond precision, high-speed digital interfaces to multi-gigasample dataconverters and ultra low-noise and low drift analog (RF) circuits. The FPGAs contain among other things our proprietary sequence processors that generate the pulses to control the quantum hardware.

To interface with our equipment, we develop a software stack consisting of low-level drivers, compilers and assemblers written in C/C++ and higher-level tools written in Python. The current software department consists of around 20 engineers divided into three teams; Embedded Software, Application Software (Quantify) and the Test & Automation team. In the coming years, we aim to significantly grow the department to focus on the development of new software products.

Your Mission

As the Head of Software, you will take charge of building the department that is executing our software roadmap, ensuring that our development efforts align with our company's strategic objectives. As a key leader within our R&D organization, you will be responsible for the entire software development lifecycle, ensuring that our products are not only delivered fast and efficiently but also have performance that exceeds industry standards. Next to this, you will lead the Test & Automation team, which is responsible for building the infrastructure needed to effectively test our products. Your daily tasks will involve managing the software department's teams, budget, and implementing process improvements in alignment with the teams that allow our organization to grow further.

In this position, collaboration will be key as you work closely with other department heads and your team to coordinate activities and foster synergy across teams.

As part of your responsibilities, you'll have the opportunity to expand our software department by establishing new teams and nurturing existing ones. Your leadership will be instrumental in defining and implementing engineering processes to drive efficiency and innovation. You have strong people management skills, with the ability to create a working environment in which team members feel challenged, motivated, and develop and grow further. You lead by example, giving people the feeling and freedom to take ownership and accountability. You have a growth mindset that can adapt easily to our dynamic and fast growing company and you help the people in your department do the same. You are used to working with Agile frameworks and have experience in leading Agile transformation.

Moreover, you'll have responsibility for the department's budget, requiring strategic financial management to support our objectives effectively.

Reporting directly to the CTO, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping our company's technological vision and driving us towards continued success in the market. If you're ready to lead, innovate, and make a significant impact, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Your profile
For this role, we are looking for a candidate with: 

  • Previous experience as a Head of Software or equivalent leadership role in a high-tech, R&D-driven industry (e.g., semiconductor, radar systems, high-speed electronics)

  • Extensive experience with recruitment and building an organization, preferably in a startup/ scaleup environment

  • The ability to speak the (technological) language of the software developers and understand and act on the interaction with other engineering disciplines

  • Strategic leadership skills

  • Excellent people management, communication and problem-solving skills

  • Extensive experience with Agile and Agile transformation

  • Experience is preferred with the following techniques the software team applies (as head of software you are not expected to write code but you are expected to understand the what and how of daily software engineering work and set up or improve supporting way-of-working processes): embedded Linux software development, Python, C/C++, Linux/ Kernel development, networking

  • Strong customer focus and ability to increase (internal and external) customer focus within the team

  • Experience with release processes and infrastructure (CI/CD)

  • Experience with SDK development and compiler development

  • Nice to have experience with PCIe (drivers) and 1G/10G/100G Ethernet

  • BSc or MSc degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a relevant field 


Strategic leadership: The ability to develop and communicate a clear vision, set strategic goals, and inspire teams to achieve them. This includes making informed decisions, allocating resources effectively, and adapting strategies to meet evolving business needs.

Operational excellence: A strong understanding of operational processes and systems, coupled with the ability to optimize workflows, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency. This competency involves implementing best practices, continuous improvement initiatives, and performance metrics to drive operational excellence.

Cross-functional collaboration: The capacity to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders across different functional areas. This includes fostering strong relationships, resolving conflicts, and aligning goals and priorities to achieve collective success.

Change management: The skill to navigate and lead organizational change initiatives, whether it involves process improvements, technology implementations, or organizational restructuring. This competency encompasses effectively communicating changes, managing resistance, and facilitating smooth transitions.

Decision making and problem solving: The capability to analyze complex situations, evaluate options, and make timely and effective decisions. This includes assessing risks, considering implications, and implementing solutions to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

About us
At Qblox, we operate at the frontier of the quantum revolution delivering advanced technologies needed to build Quantum Computers. This field is rapidly growing and will impact society on a global level. With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers we are pushing quantum technology to support experimentalists worldwide with our scalable qubit control and readout equipment. Since 2019, Qblox has grown into a dynamic company employing 100+ innovative, international minds, all dedicated to the company’s mission. We celebrate equality and diversity. We are growing exponentially and welcome talented individuals who share our enthusiasm to make a difference. We’re striving to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, experiences, and skills. If you are to join us, you can expect:   
  • An international, interdisciplinary team of highly-skilled physicists, engineers, designers and scientists with an open working culture
  • A high-curiosity, high-performance and invigorating team dynamic
  • Flexible working hours: hybrid working options and travel allowance for commuting to the office
  • 30 days annual leave and holiday allowance
  • Company-sponsored retreats and Friday lunches
  • A modern, open office
  • Competitive compensation and participation plan
  • Opportunities for international travel for conferences, partnerships and customer visits
As Qblox, we value diversity and welcome everyone from different backgrounds. We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

* Acquisition in response to our vacancies by recruitment agencies is not appreciated *

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